The first time my CEO and I landed in Chicago was a windy cloudy day of May.

We were 90% sure this was the place we wanted to implement our American HQs. We were a little bit familiar with the US geography, opportunities, and potential challenges, but we needed to get a “vibe” of the city, the Midwest culture and how it would welcome the project we had in mind for Consea’s expansion into North America.

Suddenly the cloudy day became sunny and mildly warm; Chicago was welcoming us with open arms.


It was 2017.

I would then travel back to Chicago many other times by myself to start looking for our offices, meeting with our lawyers, our CPA, and eventually starting our operations. I traveled to other cities and their regions (such as Atlanta, New York, Cincinnati, Detroit, among others) to meet our clients and familiarize myself with their industrial areas as well as the US “way to do” business.

In September 2017, Consea America was officially settled, and we already had our first clients. 


5 years later… where are we?

Consea America is now one of the major point of references in the Executive Search sector for companies that are already in North America and also for those that are starting up their operations on US soil. Consea America exists for those who need a local partner, not only for their recruiting needs but also a consulting and effective support in understanding the US market and its cultural aspects and differences with the EU mindset.

We have a strong and solid organization composed by passionate, motivated and committed individuals that everyday are working hard and capitalize their market knowledge for our clients, candidates, and partners in general.

Consea America has recently hit its 5 Year Milestone with excellent results, being the second relevant market for Consea Group in terms of revenue.


In these 5 years, we went through challenging and exciting moments.

The pandemic was a teaching moment for the most of us; we sat down with our network (clients, candidates, professionals of the HR and Business Consulting industry) and discussed the New Normal during our Round Table with the CEOs events.

We also took the time to reinforce our team*, invest in our internal resources and prepare ourselves for the moment when the market would be ready to go back to the New Normal. And so it happened, in 2021, together with another phenomenon that experts called the Great Resignation.


Year 2023, a new 5-year cycle is starting.

Consea America is stronger and ready to continue supporting our partners and markets in North America.


*A special Thank You to my team: without you guys all this would have not been possible!



Antonella Cerabona – CEO Consea America Inc.