The emerging world highlights different needs than in the past: within work contexts there is a strong need to be able to rely on alternative skills, intelligences, and ways than those used until now.

Companies must find ways to represent ideas, ways and purposes that characterize their essence and express values and motivations by pursuing something they believe in, to inspire confidence both internally and externally. It therefore becomes increasingly important to be able to establish a strong emotional bond with employees and customers. 

Our goal, therefore, is to pass on our knowledge and experience on soft topics, first among them, by way of example, Emotional Intelligence.


What’s new at Consea Group: Human Capital Consulting.

Consea Human Capital Consulting was born with the aim of guiding companies through this process of change, developing strategic partnerships with our clients, supporting them in transforming today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes.


Leading Consea Human Capital Consulting, in the role of general manager, will be Gabriella Carello. Gabriella’s professional background has been built at the head of the Human Resources function, in various geographies and within important international industrial realities.

Expert and passionate about leadership, culture and organizational development, she brings to CHCC a solid and proven knowledge of so-called “soft” skills, first among which is emotional intelligence, which she has also gained through her studies at KEY Step Media, the school founded by Daniel Goleman, globally recognized as the top expert on the subject.

Joining Gabriella in the new challenge will be Sara Ruffinatti, an organizational psychologist and ICF-certified coach, trainer and expert in talent management solutions as well as a lover of innovative technologies and the experimentation of new tools for skills development.

The group will further be able to count on the experience of Paola Vasario, a historical figure at Consea Group who has a natural ability to seize and understand the needs of her clients.

Finally, Sara Brino, a psychologist and coach, a passionate scholar of organizational development issues, will be part of the team representing valuable support in the conception and execution of the various projects.



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Chiara Altomonte – General Manager and Head of the Fashion & Retail division