The current digital context that our global society is facing has a significant impact on the development of new business and management models for organizations. The changes are taking place so quickly that the survival of many companies and businesses is at stake if they do not join the digital age. The change is taking place both in social and personal relationships as well as in our consumers, in our public of interest and in the collaborators of the organizations.


Digital transformation is the combination of business strategy and operations with technological innovation, as well as the design of new services (or the redesign of existing ones) to rapidly increase productivity and growth in the value chain: business models , products, customer experience and operations. . .

Similarly, the attraction and retention of talent is a great challenge in this process for organizations. People are increasingly digital, therefore, digital skills are becoming the core of the needs of all organizations and sectors.


It is essential to understand and know how to analyze the situation in which we currently live. The skill lies in being close to our target audience to give them exactly what they need. Personalization, simplicity and immediacy are some of the keys to face this new stage.

Products and services have undergone a true revolution, and value-added services that take advantage of new technologies to generate a direct impact on the customer experience will continue to appear. The optimization of channels and processes as well as the change of the internal culture of companies is a priority in this dizzying digital age.


There are many opportunities and threats that this new scenario poses for companies, for this reason, most organizations are turning to new skills and leadership to successfully drive this transition.

It is due to this accelerated transition that at Consea Group we carefully study and analyze our opportunities for the implementation of new technologies, which have allowed us to facilitate and streamline the development of our processes, migrating a large percentage of face-to-face work to remote, innovating and positively adapting to this new organizational culture, which as a result has streamlined and strengthened contact and experience with colleagues, clients and candidates (local and global).




Enríque Pedroza – Business Development Manager, Consultor Senior & Headhunter