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Consea America and Cometa Coaching Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Human Resources Solutions in North America.

Chicago, March 19th, 2024

In response to the market’s ever-evolving demands, Consea America and Cometa Coaching (“Cometa”) are proud to announce their strategic partnership to reshape Human Capital strategies in the US market for Italian and European companies.

This partnership combines Consea America’s extensive global experience in talent acquisition and recruitment with Cometa’s prowess in designing and implementing coaching, training and change management programs for individuals and teams. It promises a unique and tailor-made approach to talent management at every lifecycle stage, from recruitment, to development and retention.

“At Consea America, we understand the critical importance of talents in driving organizational success,” said Antonella Cerabona, CEO of Consea America. “By joining forces with Cometa Coaching, we are excited to offer our clients a holistic solution that combines recruitment expertise with cutting-edge coaching, communication, and training programs. This offering seamlessly integrates with our established Human Capital Consulting division in Italy, uniting our efforts to expand into the North American market.”

Founded on the principles of partnership, integrity, and uniqueness, the value proposition of Consea America and Cometa’s collaboration is clear:

Partnership: We believe in partnering with our clients in their talent management projects, offering more than just advisory services. By sharing competencies, resources, and expertise, we work towards a common goal of success.

Integrity: Our commitment to operating from a position of integrity means we listen to our clients, understand their needs, and provide transparent and honest support throughout our engagement.

 Uniqueness: We recognize the unique dynamics of each work environment and collaborate with our clients to design and implement talent solutions tailored to their specific needs, considering the cultural differences and main challenges Italian and European companies have when operating in the US Market.

With Consea’s 50 years of experience in executive search and Cometa’s founder Mariateresa Romeo’s two decades of expertise in executive coaching and organizational behavior, clients can trust the depth of knowledge and the breadth of experience this partnership brings.

“Cometa Coaching is dedicated to supporting driven professionals and dynamic organizations in their transformational journeys, unlocking individuals and teams’ full potential, and creating nurturing work environments. With Consea America, we share the same belief that people and their contributions are at the heart of any organization,” said Mariateresa Romeo, founder of Cometa Coaching. “Through this partnership, we are excited to expand our reach and offer comprehensive solutions that drive lasting organizational impact.”

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About Consea:

Consea America is part of Consea Group, a global executive search firm with offices in the US and around the world. With 50 years of experience, Consea has supported thousands of small, medium, and large-sized companies in attracting and retaining top managerial talent through a team of experts and consultants.

About Cometa Coaching:

Cometa Coaching, founded by Mariateresa Romeo, an experienced executive coach and organizational behavior professional, is a Leadership Consulting Company. It supports leaders and their teams in navigating professional challenges, improving performance, and creating a work environment that vibrates with sharing, understanding, and collaboration.


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Antonella Cerabona, CEO of Consea America –

Mariateresa Romeo, Founder of Cometa