The landscape of women in top positions in Italy is undergoing a significant transformation, as highlighted in the recent Women in Business 2023 report by Bernoni Grant Thornton. The data emphasizes a notable increase in female presence in leadership positions compared to the previous year.

According to the report, female CEOs in Italy in 2023 have risen to 24%, compared to 20% in 2022, marking a significant step towards greater female representation at the top levels of companies. Similarly, the 34% of women in senior management roles, compared to 30% in 2022, positions Italy in line with the European average. These numbers indicate tangible progress but also underscore the need for continuous efforts to ensure a more equitable presence of women in key positions.

A commendable point is the significant decrease in Italian companies without female representation in senior management, dropping to 7% from the previous year’s 12%. This virtuous result places Italy at the forefront of the Eurozone for female presence in decision-making roles, highlighting a positive change in the country’s corporate dynamics.

In this context of improvement, paths aimed at developing female leadership take on an even more crucial role. As opportunities for women in top positions grow, it is essential to equip future leaders with key skills through targeted programs.

The Women’s Leadership Development Program, promoted by Consea4Women, aims to achieve this goal as a first step. Characterized by the integration of training and microlearning, individual coaching, and corporate reverse mentoring, the program offers a comprehensive approach, promoting not only advanced business skills but also a deeper awareness of the emotional factors influencing personal and organizational success.

Development of Female Leadership: Voices from the Consea4Women Experience

In addition to statistical data highlighting progress in female leadership, it is essential to give voice to the protagonists themselves. Testimonials from those who have participated in the Women’s Leadership Development Program offered by Consea4Women provide valuable insight into the relevance and effectiveness of such initiatives.

Alexandra, Senior Manager in the Aftermarket sector of the aerospace industry, expressing her satisfaction, states, “I feel really pleased with this program. All my initial expectations have been met: increased self-awareness; exploration of new points of reflection and inspiration; learning; failure management.” Her words highlight how the program has exceeded expectations, offering an environment rich in opportunities to grow and learn, along with providing practical tools to manage new challenges.

Elena, an engineer and program manager in a major automotive component group, asserts, “Certainly, I have gained greater awareness of my skills and abilities and have had the opportunity to engage with realities beyond my own.” She thus emphasizes the importance of dialogue and diversity of perspectives within the program, contributing to broadening awareness of one’s skills and competencies.

These are just a few concrete testimonials confirming that the development of female leadership is not merely a set of theoretical lessons but an engaging and transformative experience. The integration of speeches, diverse tasks, individual coaching sessions, and the promotion of an environment open to dialogue and reflection appear to be key elements that have left a positive impact on the participants.

These voices confirm that investing in women leaders not only contributes to individual success but enriches the entire corporate and social landscape.


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Author: Sara Ruffinatti – Senior Consultant Consea Human Capital Consulting