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For a leading Tier 1 multinational company in the Automotive sector, we are looking for a:




The figure, included in the Automation & IoT Department, reporting directly to the Division Manager, will have the following responsibilities:


  • To develop, in codesign with supplier during the preliminary concept of the product/project, the needed suitable automation solutions to guarantee the best balance between local labour cost and investment amount, consistently with process variable cost estimation in the offer phase
  • To define the technical specifications ( including machine description, capability with parameters and required standard,..) of the machinery or tools related to the involved section of the process ensuring the application of the standards
  • To collaborate with the Purchasing dept. in the supplier Machinery/ tools nomination phase through the offer analysis
  • To collaborate with Product Design for the tools feasibility
  • To manage the investments of the machinery / tools ensuring the adherence of the spending according to the foreseen cost in the offer phase
  • To define the supplier activities schedule for each machinery / tools, consistently with the overall product development Gantt.
  • To monitor the construction progress status, visiting periodically the supplier site and defining, in case of deviations, suitable recovery action plans agreed with Process Leaders
  • To ensure the supervision of the technical test of the machinery / tools at the supplier site, verifying the compliance with technical requirements and expected cycle time target; to give the approval for the machinery / tools transfer to the manufacturing plant according to the existing acceptance rules
  • To define the typology and the amount of materials and auxiliary tooling that are necessary for the testing of the machinery
  • To manage machinery / tools modification and tuning after each test
  • To organize, in case of specific dedicated project, the FMEA process in order to identify the quality risk of the product and put in place the automatic controls
  • To guarantee the availability of make components (by soft or hard tooling) consistently with the product development plan
  • To coordinate the machinery / tools handover to the manufacturing plant coordinating the activities related to the industrial trials in collaboration with the plant
  • To coordinate the installation and acceptance and of the machinery/tooling, monitoring and confirming its capability with the plant Production Engineering for the final approval
  • To provide the plant Production Engineering with the technical data (machine guide, utilization manual, spare parts list,..) concerning the new machinery / tools , supporting them in the training of the involved associates
  • To collaborate in the definition of the required actions to set up the area of the installation of the machine ( including water, air, electric energy ,..) and to guarantee the legal and safety compliance
  • To collaborate in the preparation of the preventive maintenance sheets/plan and manual
  • To collaborate with the Production Engineering of the plant in the machinery modification and improvements.
  • To support the plants in the kaizen activities collecting the improvement ideas and defining potential new standards



Skills requested:


  • Mechanical design
  • Basic electrical design knowledge
  • Machinery directive (Safety)
  • Vision Systems
  • Robots
  • Spec definition & Project management
  • Economics
  • English

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